The accommodation is mainly geared to adult couples, with three cosy rooms and a bathroom. The full central-heating will keep you as snug as you like.
The furnishings have been adapted to the round layout. There are easy-clean maple floors and a good deal of oak and teak. Please note that the winding stairs are not very suitable for small children or people with mobility problems.

No smoking and no pets please, due to fire insurance and farmer's rules.

Downstairs: A main three-aspect living room with excellent cooking facilities.

Kitchen 1 Kitchen 2

First floor: Double bedroom with a Victorian bed, with double-sprung mattress and goosedown duvet etc.

Bedroom 1 Bedroom 2

Second floor: Large bathroom with shower and bath.

Bathroom 1 Bathroom 2

Viewing loft: or "Miller's Eye" (Top picture) is reached by a space-saver staircase, and has splendid all-round views towards Torbay, the sea, the South Hams and Dartmoor. Borrow our binoculars to spy on 400 square miles of countryside and the local local farming and wild life.

Miller's Eye 1 Miller's Eye 2


There is a lawned area. Part of the original cobbled level is now arranged for seating. The ground abutts directly onto the surrounding five-acre field which is actively farmed. At the field gate from Moles Lane there is a sunken car-parking area. At some times of the year, there is room for a tent by special arrangement.

The view from the mill